Trade Mark Pricing

Australian Online Trade Mark Pricing

Trade Mark Registration is dependant on the number of classes covered by the application. At present, there are 34 classes of goods and 11 service classes. All trade marks are registered for 10 years. The prices below apply to our online application filing process and are to be used as a guide only and may vary depending on your personal circumstances. In almost all cases however, we will provide a fixed fee for any work that we do.

Our Fees* IP Australia Govt. Fees Totals*
Exact Trade Mark Search NIL NIL NIL
Full Trade Mark Search $1,100 NIL $1,100
Online Trademark Application $270 $330 $600
Each Extra Class per Application $200 $330 $530
Adverse Report From $300 NIL From $300
Trade Mark Registration $280 NIL $280
Trade Mark Renewal $450 $400 $850
Extra Class per Renewal $180 $400 $580
Expedited Examination $150 NIL $150

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International Trade Mark Pricing

Do you need to protect your trade mark overseas?

The TradeMark Factory’s lawyers are experts in international trade mark protection. Our trusted network of international IP lawyers assist us to ensure that no matter where your business is going, we can help you get there. To further streamline our international services, we have an in-house notary public who can witness and execute documents for use overseas.

Because international trade mark registration and costs are dependent on a number of factors including the countries you require protection in and the goods and services you need protection for, please complete the below form and we will contact you with a fixed fee quote to protect your mark in the required countries.


Classes – Trade Mark registration is dependant on the number of classes covered by the application. Each extra class will incur an additional $150 + govt fees.

GST – GST is additional to the above fees and is payable on our professional fees only.

Examination – We file your application using the IP Australia Headstart application process. This means that your trade mark will be formally filed in around 2-5 working days. Although we will receive a preliminary assessment from IP Australia at the time of filing, all applications must be formally examined by IP Australia in around 4-6 weeks. If IP Australia reject your application once it is formally examined, we will contact you free of charge with a quote to overcome the objection. We do not incur charges without your say so.

Opposition – If the mark is opposed during the 2 month opposition period, additional fees may apply. We will contact you free of further charge if the application is opposed for further instructions.

Registration costs – Once the mark is accepted, our fee of $150 plus GST is payable to monitor the application through to registration and to maintain the registration through the 10 year registration period.

Exact Trade Mark Search – We conduct an exact trade mark search before filing the application. If no exact trade marks are revealed, we will proceed to file the application. Be aware that there may be similar pending applications/registrations on the Trade Mark Register not revealed by this search. Only a Full Trade Mark Search will reveal these marks.

Full Trade Mark Search – This covers an extensive search of the IP Australia trademark database, ASIC database, business names, company names and domain names. If you would like to arrange a full trade mark search, contact us.